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Network Video Recorders are dedicated to the task of recording video, and logging events.  We refer to this hardware as an "Embedded NVR."  We use the term "embedded" because they use a specialized combination of hardware and software to completely manage cameras that are connected to them. 

The hardware includes dedicated encoding chips that allow for very fast and efficient storage of HD and Ultra HD video.  This hardware eliminates the need to purchase special software licenses, and maintain a PC or server computer just to store video.  An NVR is also not a personal computer, so you don't need to frequently reboot it for updates.  All of these factors increase reliability and greatly reduce the total cost of ownership of a modern video system. 

The software operating system running on our NVR's was designed from the ground up to manage video and nothing else.  This makes it very simple to retrieve stored video and review events from triggers like video motion detection, card access system events, face detection, cash register sales, and more.

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